An idyllic spot, once upon a time reserved only to noble Tuscan families, now open to you. Meleto Castle, a Florentine fortress against attacks from Siena, belonged to the Ricasoli family. In 1968 the family sold the whole property (about 1,000 hectares) to the SocietÓ Viticola Toscana SpA, the current owner.

Set high on the hill in the center of the property, the Castle fortress seems to survey the whole farm. The farmhouses, which were renovated in 1998, are perfect for your family holidays. Set alongside the Castle and fortress walls, where once stood small farm buildings, or further away so you can enjoy a view of Castle in the distance.
Each part of the house has a terrace or garden for you to lounge outdoors. A summer pool is located nearby where you can take a refreshing dip.