Viticola Toscana is a joint-stock company established in 1968 by a Milan editor, Commendatore Gianni Mazzocchi, President of Editoriale Domus and, therefore editor of two important magazines: Quattrosoldi and Quattroruote.

He published a public flotation on Quattrosoldi, offering it as constitution for a joint-stock company to purchase a farm in Maremma.
The sudden success (over 1,500 investors) is such that a part of the Ricasoli estate on sale in Chianti is also purchased: the Meleto Farm, measuring 1,400 acres, many farmsteads, Meleto Castle, the Parish and the annexed convent of Santa Maria a Spaltenna.

An important agricultural transformation takes place between 1968 and 1972, during which the Viticola Toscana implants 180 hectares of vineyards, then a large wine making cellar is built and production of the Chianti Classico DOCG wine begins.

Today, fifty years later, Viticola Toscana has brought about a great change in this area of Chianti, once considered ôdisadvantagedö because it is located far from the areas which tourist generally visit: the tenant farming which caused people to abandon the area has been replaced with budget management, the farmsteads have been renovated and those located near the Castle have been turned into agritourisms.