Borgo del Castello offers accommodations for up to 60 people in double rooms. Our guests can make use of our two infinity pools, a restaurant located just 500 meters away and a wine cellar. The Castle provides free Wi-Fi internet connection in the common areas.

Moreover, you may also organize a Wedding holiday in Meleto with numerous activities for your guests, such as a guided tour of the Castle and the old underground Wine Cellar, a sampling of our products, a delicious welcome barbecue for guests who lodge in the Castle, a pizza party or a Medieval evening with live music and singing: during this type of event the Castle is lit only with torches and candles, creating a soft and evocative atmosphere.

Additionally the desk clerk will be available to help you organize horse rides, guided tours of Siena, Florence or Arezzo, walking tours through the Chianti countryside and anything else you may require to make your stay in Chianti an unforgettable one.