The Group Leader knocks at the Castle gate and a jester dressed in traditional medieval garb opens the ancient door to allow guests to enter the Castle and, after a welcome in poetry, beckons them to follow him.

Accompanied by the sound of a flute, knights and ladies cross the courtyard beneath a shower of rose petals, released by noble damsels from the gallery windows. Led by the sounds of the magic flute they then enter the Piano Nobile of the Castle, and find an array of furnished and frescoed rooms. All the doors are closed. The jester will open the doors and lead the guests on a journey to discover the Castle, lit only by candlelight.

The guests will then make their way to the Castleĺs lawn, where aperitifs await and where they will be regaled with a fire show, skill contests, music, songs and entertainment. The artists will go from guest to guest, singing traditional songs and playing ancient instruments: the ghironda, drums, the flute, the bagpipe...