The Castle’s history is also a history of weddings, like the one of Lucrezia, daughter of Alberto Firidolfi or that of Elisabetta, in 1852, daughter of Baron Bettino: today it can also become the story of your own wedding in this breathtakingly beautiful setting.

You can organize your Wedding reception in Meleto Castle: the Castle’s entire Piano Nobile, the garden, the enchanting terrace overlooking the lovely scenery of the Chianti hills, and the Scuderia, where you can relax or cut loose, are all available to our guests.The event can be organized in accordance with your wishes: the aperitif in the garden, lunch or dinner in the Castle, dancing in the Scuderia; or the aperitif in the Castle, lunch or dinner in the Scuderia and the garden to relax and enjoy the sunlight.

A ballroom, in the case of foul weather, or the garden are at your disposal for a party that can go on until midnight, or even later should you decide to book all 6 rooms in the Castle. The kitchen, made available to the Catering service you have selected, is large and spacious and equipped with every modern convenience, in order that the dishes served will invoke pleasant memories for both you and your guests!

We recommend our lovely rooms as the setting for your party and background for your photographs: Sala della Mappa, Sala dei Divani, Sala Fratina, Sala dell'Affresco, Sala del Caminetto, Sala della Stufa, Sala dello Stemma and Sala Virginia. And after the party, for an unforgettable night, the Baron’s chamber awaits... for some well-deserved rest!