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Vineyard Parabuio

Vineyard Parabuio 2
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The Vineyards of Castello di Meleto
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Vineyard Parabuio

Situated in the sub-zone of Casi, the Parabuio vineyard bears an evocative name, recalling its magical position, hidden from human sight, in a penumbra where nature reigns supreme.

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Vineyard Parabuio 5
Vineyard Parabuio 6
Vineyard Parabuio

A vineyard discovered almost by chance, Parabuio soon became the jewel in the company's crown: here it was decided to cultivate the only international grape variety of Castello di Meleto's cru, Merlot, which finds the freedom to express itself with originality in this protected and isolated climate.

Here the light is oblique, rare and precious, and accompanies the grapes in a maturation that takes its time, undisturbed; the harvest of Parabuio is naturally delayed, and takes place in the quiet of the last weeks of September.

Vineyard Parabuio 7
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