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Osteria of Castello di Meleto

Osteria of Castello di Meleto 2
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The Vineyards of Castello di Meleto
Vineyard Meleto
Vineyard Casi
Vineyard Trebbio
Vineyard Poggiarso
Vineyard San Piero
Vineyard Cerreta
Vineyard Parabuio

The Osteria of Castello di Meleto is located where once stood the ancient furnace.

Our philosophy is to value the land in every aspect, which is why we choose only products that come from the territory and are certified as Tuscan.

Osteria of Castello di Meleto 4
Between past and future

Our menu follows the seasons and offers the gifts from our garden paired with specialties carefully selected from local suppliers. This allows us, on one hand, to support the small businesses in the area and, on the other hand, to reduce pollution by choosing products that are locally sourced or nearly so, minimizing transportation distances. In this way, our recipes not only celebrate Tuscan tradition but are also crafted with utmost consideration for the environment. We are confident that this choice will make your experience even more authentic.