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Stories from the Castle

Stories from the Castle 3
Stories from the Castle 4
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The Vineyards of Castello di Meleto
Vineyard Meleto
Vineyard Casi
Vineyard Trebbio
Vineyard Poggiarso
Vineyard San Piero
Vineyard Cerreta
Vineyard Parabuio
Forests, new allies of vineyards

Castello di Meleto has always believed in biodiversity and with the conference 'Wine and the Forest - Trees that make...

Stories from the Castle 6
The Woods, New Allies of Vineyards
Castle of Meleto has always believed in biodiversity and with the conference "Wine and the Forest - Trees that benefit vineyards" addresses a highly relevant topic, posing a question: how can the forest positively influence the vineyard by creating a perfect ecosystem?
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A New Light Illuminates Parabuio
Parabuio is a vineyard discovered amidst dense forests that now hosts the only international grape variety of Castello di Meleto's crus..
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The Tavern of Meleto: The Place of ‘Goodness
Located in the old furnace that, in the past, was used to bake the bricks used to build many of the farmhouses in Gaiole, the Osteria Meleto offers a warm welcome, thanks to the guidance of Jonathan Rampi and Lara Valentini.
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One, No One, Thousand Flowers
The Bee Park of Castello di Meleto is a perfect microcosm: 3.2 million bees divided into 90 families have permanent residence surrounded by lush nature and collect wildflowers, fully respecting biodiversity.
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The Cru Peroject
The Cru Project aims to select the most suitable terrains, divided into five different zones based on climate, slopes, exposure, soil composition, and altitude.
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From the Past to the Future, a Story of a Territory
The connection of Castello di Meleto with wine dates back to the 11th century with the Benedictine monks, but the first written mention of its name dates back to 1256.
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My Home Is My Castle
The rooms inside Castello di Meleto evoke romantic atmospheres, somewhere between dream and fairy tale.
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Wine Club
With the Wine Club, everyone can build the present and future of the wonderful world of Castello di Meleto in a simple and effective way.
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Innovation Serving Organic Viticulture
The company is the first in Italy to apply the system to such a large area, becoming a model for national viticulture.
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Art at the Castle
Art is the most precious fruit of the society that creates it, lives it, and admires it. 
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