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My Home Is My Castle

My Home Is My Castle 1
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The Vineyards of Castello di Meleto
Vineyard Meleto
Vineyard Casi
Vineyard Trebbio
Vineyard Poggiarso
Vineyard San Piero
Vineyard Cerreta
Vineyard Parabuio

The rooms inside Castello di Meleto evoke romantic atmospheres, somewhere between dream and fairy tale. Guests can sleep in the soft canopy beds in rooms with exposed beams and terracotta floors, and stroll through the Castle courtyard, enjoying the intoxicating view of the herb garden.

The Guard Tower offers seven refined suites meticulously designed and recently renovated, while the apartments in the ancient farmhouses are intended for those who wish to savor the atmosphere of classic Tuscan countryside. To experience the Chianti not as tourists, but as guests in a historical and vibrant reality.