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The Vineyards of Castello di Meleto
Vineyard Meleto
Vineyard Casi
Vineyard Trebbio
Vineyard Poggiarso
Vineyard San Piero
Vineyard Cerreta
Vineyard Parabuio

Keep a Beehive

For those who decide to become custodians of a beehive, it will allow it to grow and develop; in this way they will take care of it from a distance and be involved in its growth step by step.

Each hive taken into custody with a donation of 250 euros will have the name of the investor affixed to it, and 2 kg of honey will be extracted from the production of each loco,  for 5 years of custody, for a total of 10 kg.

The 20 hives on the property provide quality organic honey, and the intention is to triple the number of hives in order to sustain the biodiversity of the area and a global eco-sustainable heritage.

Keep a Beehive 2