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The Woods, New Allies of Vineyards

The Woods, New Allies of Vineyards 1
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The Vineyards of Castello di Meleto
Vineyard Meleto
Vineyard Casi
Vineyard Trebbio
Vineyard Poggiarso
Vineyard San Piero
Vineyard Cerreta
Vineyard Parabuio

Castle of Meleto has always believed in biodiversity and with the conference "Wine and the Forest - Trees that benefit vineyards" addresses a highly relevant topic, posing a question: how can the forest positively influence the vineyard by creating a perfect ecosystem? The answer comes from Stefano Lorenzi, arborist, and Luca Mamprin, forest doctor: "The forest creates the ideal living conditions for a vineyard: trees shade the rows, preventing the grapes from scorching, a major problem in the last twenty years, ensuring constant humidity, dampening the force of the wind, and reducing the impact of hail. They also allow for a better understanding of the vineyard's potential by creating a richness of species that inhabit it and developing many more forms of natural yeasts on the grapes, improving the product.”